Sandra Bell recounts the summer after her disastrous Freshman year of high school, when she received her first kiss and solved her first murder.

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Sandra's friend Imogene was told her father died when she was 10. He has reappeared after six years, only to wind up dead again. When her family refuses to explain, Imogene enlists Sandra's help to find out what is going on.

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Sandra has been stalked for months by her ex-boyfriend. So when he turns up dead on her back porch, she is naturally the prime suspect.

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Neb and Pud are demons of the lowest rank who choose to live off the grid to keep from being conscripted into service. They're enjoying a rough but autonomous existence until a resurrection ritual gone wrong puts them in the cross hairs of the Authorities.

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Ellie McGill is sent back in time to prevent a terrorist from creating nuclear winter, but once there she can't resist the temptation to visit her own past. In her present, her father is serving a life sentence for killing her mother. She wants desperately to save her mother, even though it might mean she and her brother may never be born. She finds her father may be innocent and there was a sinister reason why she was selected for this assignment. 

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Bobby Shaw has changed her face and her name in order to move back to her home state in her twilight years. She arranges to fund a scientific expedition to the bottom of the ocean to secure her legacy, but her nemesis has other plans for her.


After a psychopath is caught, the friends and neighbors invariably say they had no idea. But Delia Eaton has known all along that something was wrong with her nephew. She becomes convinced he is behind a string of accidents and disappearances in the community. Now she must figure out how to stop him without becoming his next victim.